5 Club Kitchener Waterloo Watershed Cleanup Project

The members of the Kitchener/ Waterloo 5 club Environmental Committee commemorated the 2021 Watershed Cleanup Day with something more virtual and less hands on Due to Covid-19 restrictions. The Clubs wanted to produce something that all members could participate in without breaking the COVID restrictions. It was decided to create a micro-documentary about members relationships to water.

The wish was to have local Rotarians contribute a one or two-second-long video clip pertaining to water. The videos would be combined to make a "two second everyday" style video. The title of the video is "Water: Our Lifeline." The videos are about our relationship to water, our enjoyment of it, our powerlessness to it, or whatever else strikes you about water. To watch and enjoy the video click on the link below.









A special thanks to Erin Way for all the editing and production time that she put into the project!