The Month That Was October 2023
The month of October 2023 began with Special Guests: Scott Higgins and April Albano from HIP Developments to talk to us about the Youth Creativity Fund. They told us about this relatively new fund for children in Grades 5- 12 to provide funding to get their great ideas from concept to reality.  Some great success stories included a student that volunteered at MCC Thrift Store and noticed that the pricing of items was really inconsistent.  The his funds from the YPF he created a pricing app for volunteers to use to make pricing items easy.  Another boy noticed that there was not much fresh produce available at the food bank in the winter.  He loved growing sprouts at home and used his funds to create take home trays to allow others using the food bank to grow sprouts in their houses.  They are trying to get to "Yes" for all applications to give children the support they need to make their ideas reality.
October  24 Rotary Waterloo had a presentation from Spectrum Community Space, helping us to understand the amazing work that this organization does on behalf of the 2SLGBTQ+ community.
October 24th We were also pleased to welcome so many from all our Kitchener sister clubs, to join us in honouring Linda Kenny for her years of service to KidsAbility Centre for Child Development. We were pleased to present her with our highest award, the Paul Harris Award for her service.
October 31 Rotary Waterloo was pleased to present everything Rotary to the City Council at The City of Waterloo