Message from our 2022-2023 President Carol Parsons
As we begin the new Rotary year, there are 3 things I would like you to image with me. 
First, image a Rotary club where all members feel like they really belong – a club where all members are fully engaged and understand the workings of the club.  A Rotary club where diversity of opinions, of perspectives, of talents, of abilities are respected.
Second, imagine a Rotary club that includes newer Canadians and whose membership reflects the professional community of which it is a part, and in this way is more sustainable, more vibrant and more creative.
Finally, image a Rotary club where all the members contribute to the club to help make the club stronger, more welcoming and more inclusive.
This is the Rotary Waterloo Club.  I’m truly excited about serving the club as President and about the opportunities for the club in the year ahead.
If you would like to know more about the Rotary Waterloo Club, or join us at a Club meeting or attend a special event, please contact me at   
Carol Parsons
Rotary Club of Waterloo