Granite Club`

The meeting on Tuesday November 28th will be our “Each One, Bring One” event!  We are asking every member to intentionally extend an invitation to a friend, colleague or family member to join us for this meeting.  Why?  It’s going to be a fun and meaningful evening, and just think about your favorite service project:) Now, imagine how it would be if we had double the number of people to bring energy and help to make it a success. When we grow Rotary, we grow our capacity to serve our community, and also to contribute to other important Rotary Initiatives all over!  We’ll have speakers (including our very own Brenda Halloran and Juanita Arnold) and entertainment (likely a short set by a comedian!)   It’s as simple as it sounds - all you have to do is think of someone who might enjoy the opportunity to benefit from all that Rotary has to offer, and bring them out on Nov 28th to the Granite Club, 99 Seagram Dr. Waterloo (from 5:30pm – 7:30pm as usual).  And to make it even more fun, we’ve added a charitable incentive:)  Just by coming out with a guest, you’ll be entered into a draw – and the winner will receive a $50 donation from our club to a charity of your choice, and a $25 Starbucks card to take you and your guest out for coffee sometime! 

It will be a great opportunity for any guests to learn about Rotary, and for all of us to remember all that Rotary has to offer, and who we might know who could also enjoy our Rotary family and experience.  Please email suzanne.denomme@gmail.com to let us know if you’ll be attending and how many guests you’ll be bringing, so that we can plan appropriately for dinner.  Thanks for your participation in this event!